Spamming units

This was written in response to this article on Frontline Gaming:

Specifically though, there are certain units that SHOULD be spammed a little (not overly so like FD’s used to be), but there are superior units in each category. However everything has a weakness, be it in Force organization chart slots, point effectiveness, or just over use of a certain type of firepower is not always getting you the most “win” per point.

For Example 90 points in guardians 12″ range kill only slightly less paladins, than 190 points of Warp Spiders. What is the better unit? Warp spiders. Which would i want to kill some paladins with when they are then going to be sacrificed? Guardians. for 180 points I could get 20 guardians and Kill waaaaay more paladins than 190 points of warp spiders. However warp spiders have things going for them A) non transport reliant mobility B) higher str shots c) vehicle popping d) the “OMG THEY CAN MOVE THAT FAR!!!!!!!” factor. However guardians have a few things going for them A) Troops B)load the 10 guardians up in wave serpent for 225 points and stuff will die…lots of stuff, not just from wave serpent but from moving 6″, unloading 6″ firing 12″ or running then firing (thats like a 24+” threat range from back of serpent) C) more dakka for points.

Point is you don’t use those two units the same way. Warp Spiders are technically better due to versatility, but that does not mean I shouldn’t take guardians even though their roles overlap a little, they have different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why diversity is good. you have more tools in your toolkit. However the flip side of that, is that you have to know how to use those tools and know which tools the opponent has that will cripple your critical tool. Target priority and movement becomes a MUCH MUCH bigger deal when not playing a spam list.

My thoughts


Fifth game with new Codex

First Post. EVAAAAR.  I have never done a real blog before.

First things First.

I am Qballony, no expert on the tournament scene or anything like that.  I have been playing 40K for the last 3 years.  I have only played Eldar (with DE allies at times).

I win a lot more than I lose.  I am based out of Los Angeles and frequent some of the shops in the area.  I play to win.  I do not make lists “just for fun”.  Sometimes I feel bad about decimating people, but then again I lost my first 10 games and many many after that, so its all about learning and progression.  If people feel bad about losing and don’t want to play anymore, then they are not going to improve.

Moving on to the  nuts and bolts of this blog.  With the release of the new codex, I have modified my army list.  I used to run a Harliestar with lots of Jetbikes and Walkers, 2 venoms with wyches, and a Ravager for anti tank, along with FD’s on a quadgun for more cheese.  I am incredibly happy with the new codex, because Eldar are stronger than those crutches of ignore cover quadgun and rerollable 2++ saves.  We have options now.  My current list for 1750 that I am going to be taking to a tournament soon is:

Eldar 1750

HQ-1, Elites-1, Troops-5, FA-2, Heavy-3


Autarch- S. Chainsword, Fusion Gun, Warp Jump Generator – 98


10 Guardians (90)- Wave Serpent (135)- TL Scatter, Holofields – 225

10 Guardians (90)- Wave Serpent (135)- TL Scatter, Holofields – 225

3 Wind Rider Jetbikes – 1 Cannon -61

3 Wind Rider Jetbikes – 1 Cannon -61

5 Rangers – 60

Elites – 220

10 Scorpions – Exarch – Claw, Crushing blow – 220

Fast Attack

10 Warp Spiders – 190

10 Warp Spiders – 190

Heavy Support – 420

2 War Walkers – BL,BL – 140

2 War Walkers – BL,BL – 140

2 War Walkers – BL,BL – 140


I tried this list out for the third time yesterday. (previously vs a Henchknight list, and a fun psycher/pinning IG list played by the same very strong opponent.  He Conceded both games around turn 3)

The list my Opponent was running was fairly standard DE list


Archon – Venom Blade, Shadowfield, Grenade launcher


5 warriors – Raider – Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

5 warriors – Raider – Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

5 warriors – Raider – Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

5 warriors – Raider – Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

5 warriors – Raider – Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

5 warriors – Venom – 2SC, Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield


3 Incubi – Venom – 2 SC, Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield (Archon ran with these guys)

3 Blasterborn – Venom – 2 SC, Nightshields, (5++ invul save) Shield

Fast Attack

9 Reaver Jet Bikes – 3 Blasters (or lances…I forget which…it didn’t make a difference)

Heavy Support

Ravager – Night shields, 5++ shield

Fighter Plane (forgot name!) – 2 Lances, 3 Monoscythe Missles, 1 Neurotoxin

Fighter Plane (forgot name!) – 2 Lances, 3 Monoscythe Missles, 1 Neurotoxin



Misison: Relic

Deployment: Dawn of War

Nightfighting – Yes

1st turn/1st setup – DE

Deployment – DE player deploys his 2 elite venoms near middle near the Ravager, then spreads out the other raiders along his board edge, in an attempt to alpha strike me.  Reaver JB behind Ravager.

I deploy 4 walkers behind ruins in the middle of the board.  A little to my left there is another ruin for me to hide other 2 walkers behind and a wave Serpent.  Very far on the left near edge of board, there is another ruin to hide 2nd wave serpent.  I deploy both squads of spiders behind ruins on the right, since I am going to use them to alpha strike his ravager or anything that moves into range.  The autarch is with the squad hidden more and further away in the corner.  I infiltrate ranger squad and Scorpions about midfield on right side directly in front of autarch’s warp spiders.

I DECLINE to seize initiative.  Some of you might wonder why i would do this vs DE.  Simple answer: even if he gets first blood on scorpions or rangers or gets SUUUPER lucky and gets a walker squad, if he moves forward AT ALL.  That puts not only my Warp Spiders within easy striking distance, but also my wave serpents might be able to do my favorite thing ever (move 6″ DON’T ROTATE, Deploy 6″ from the back to get a little ahead of the front of the serpent, then either Battle Focus into Range of 12″ 20 str 4 psuedo rending shots, or shoot then Battle Focus backwards or into ruins.  People are always surprised by the range at which you can do this (you only need ~18″ from the front of your serpent to do this).

1st turn:

Bad Choices for DE player, Scorpions need to be dealt with, rangers aren’t an issue, but he needs to get firstblood to win in the relic in his mind since he does not have as mobile of troop choices.

He sends archon/incubi venom 6 inches into area terrain to try to unload 3″ or more so he can get within a decent charge range for my scorpions.  Moves some stuff to try to deal with the right side of the board with all my scorps/spiders/rangers.  Unfortunately he doesn’t want to waste the shooting potential of the left half of his army, so he moves those forward including the ravager, both the blaster born venom and the warrior venom, along with 2 more raiders.  He moves Reavers forward

Shooting: Shoots 1 venom and  some warriors from raiders at scorpions killing like 2. Somehow he dropped one ranger too…i forgot how.  His raiders all fired on either my middler-ish squad of spiders or one of the Sqauds of war walkers.  He took out 3 warp spiders forcing a leadership and immobilized one of the left most walker squad.  Still doesn’t have first blood.  Then turbo boosts the reavers over the scorpions, scoring 9d3 auto wounds str 3.  Getting about 19 hits (if i remember correctly), and wounding on like 10-12 of them…lots of saves on scorpions.  Thank god I don’t lose exarch. End that with 4 scorpions including exarch left.  I roll the leadership.  I make it!!

Assault: to sum it up: YOLO.  DE player attempts the 11-12″ charge through cover to scorpions with archon and incubi, to finish them and try for first blood.  I try to overwatch getting 1 and either failing to wound or he saves it.  He does not make it by a long shot, then rerolls for fleet.  Still not good enough.

Thoughts after turn 1: DE alpha strike = unsuccessful.  I wasn’t even rolling that hot or anything and he wasn’t rolling bad, just he doesn’t have a lot of low ap weapons, and those that he has don’t put out enough shots to do much when I’m in cover.

Eldar Turn 1: Note: by this point we had both forgotten about nightfighting.  it would have helped a little bit for him.

Movement: 2d6+6 = 15 apparently for first squad, and 14 for the autarch squad (who gets double 4s so i have to roll to see if autarch dies and gets sucked into warp…he doesn’t). Warp spiders both jump forward squad of 7 towards middle to take care of ravager. autarch to handle the archon. Scoprions move towards reavers which are now stuck at board edge about 6″ away, but might as well assure the charge.  Both walker squads behind mid ruins move out to shoot.  Wave serpents both move toward left flank to help clean up anything that the walkers don’t finish.


Autarch spiders have terrible rolls, only getting 1 ap1 and 7 regular wounds.  one incubi dies forcing a leadership before he LOS the other 7 off archon to the incubi who make every save.  I Battle Focus back a few inches. Rangers fire and roll one 6 and three 1s.  I put the shot on the incubi hoping to pin them.  I either don’t wound or the save is made, i forget…point is didn’t work out.  Scorpions fire into the reavers managing to kill a BL reaver despite the 3+ cover from flat out and skilled rider.  the 7 spiders take down ravager easily with like 4 pens 1 glance. Blows up.  1st walker squad attempts to take out blasterborn venom and gets one HP on it.  2nd squad finishes it off, blowing it up from open topped + ap 2, wounding all three blasterborn inside, but he rolls like a maniac getting 5,5,6.  sad day.  Other walker squad blows up a raider less than 6″ away and kills 3 of the 5 warriors inside and wound one trueborn.  i forget to battle focus one of the walker squads so they are out in open with only 5++. oh well.  One serpent like a boss TL scatter lasers and serpent shields the other venom on the left flank with warriors in it blowing it up, killing 3 and not being a large enough blast to kill any trueborn.  Last shot is serpent #2 who doesn’t like lances at all so just unloads on the trueborn in the crater, murdering them easily.


Warp Spiders both jump back (the 7 got a big enough jump to get back to original position, while the autarch squad moved behind the rangers).  Scorpions assault reavers.  Mandiblasters kill 2. simultaneous scorp claw and reavers who apparently Init 6.  I kill 2 he kills 2 in that exchange. my 1 remaining scorpion strikes back killing 1.  I win combat by 3.  He rolls a 5 for leadership, just enough to stay in combat with his remaining 3 bikes to my 2 scorpions incl. exarch.

Thoughts: Kill count is 1 ravager, 2 venoms, 1 blasterborn squad, a raider, reavers locked in combat and probably dying this next turn, and 2 warrior squads at 2 of 5 (Note: he made all his pinning and leadership checks).  Pretty solid turn.  Don’t know how he’s going to recover even with the 2 flyers

DE turn 2:

Both Flyers in.

Movement moves the incubi and archon up to assault rangers venom and 2 raiders on the right move up to get at the 7 strong squad of spiders.  far right raider moves up and unloads warriors to dakka rangers and double assault. final raider on the left moves and unloads troops to attempt to grab relic, being just short.


raiders mainly unload on walkers in the open, either failing to glance/pen or i make a 5 or 6 save.  No damage. final venom unloads into spiders, failing to kill any.  Flyer 1 shoots at walkers 2 lances and 2 missles.  one imobilized by lances.  Two missles do 4 hits to walkers and one hit to nearby spiders.  I lose the spider even with 3+ armor.  I take 1 unsaved pen that does not blow up the walker, so just wrecked.

At this point we call it, because we are keeping shop open too late, opponent is getting tired, and I think he was feeling defeated by ineffective shooting.  I count this as a win but don’t need to force the issue of who won with him, since i don’t know him well.

Final result after 2 turns of DE shooting: 1 wrecked walker, 1 immobilized walkers, 8 dead scorpions, 1 dead ranger, 4 dead warp spiders, and 1 Spider sucked into warp.

Body count after 1 Turn of Eldar being Eldar: 1 ravager, 2 venoms, trueborn squad, 1 raider, 6 reavers, 1 incubi, 2×3 warriors

wrap up thoughts: did not know you could fire transport guns at different targets than who the guys inside fire at.  Checked in BRB this is a fact.  Also I’m pretty confident I would have tabled him by end of turn 3 if we hadn’t stopped.  He didn’t have enough firepower left to slow me much and I could have finished off his vehicles probably next turn and most of the infantry with my guardians leaving only the right flank of warriors and the incubi/archon squad and the 2 flyers for the next turn.  I would have lost rangers and my scorpions would have been hurting big time, but you can’t not take casualties.

Feel free to comment or give any critique/criticism/advice or w/e else you want to say