Spamming units

This was written in response to this article on Frontline Gaming:

Specifically though, there are certain units that SHOULD be spammed a little (not overly so like FD’s used to be), but there are superior units in each category. However everything has a weakness, be it in Force organization chart slots, point effectiveness, or just over use of a certain type of firepower is not always getting you the most “win” per point.

For Example 90 points in guardians 12″ range kill only slightly less paladins, than 190 points of Warp Spiders. What is the better unit? Warp spiders. Which would i want to kill some paladins with when they are then going to be sacrificed? Guardians. for 180 points I could get 20 guardians and Kill waaaaay more paladins than 190 points of warp spiders. However warp spiders have things going for them A) non transport reliant mobility B) higher str shots c) vehicle popping d) the “OMG THEY CAN MOVE THAT FAR!!!!!!!” factor. However guardians have a few things going for them A) Troops B)load the 10 guardians up in wave serpent for 225 points and stuff will die…lots of stuff, not just from wave serpent but from moving 6″, unloading 6″ firing 12″ or running then firing (thats like a 24+” threat range from back of serpent) C) more dakka for points.

Point is you don’t use those two units the same way. Warp Spiders are technically better due to versatility, but that does not mean I shouldn’t take guardians even though their roles overlap a little, they have different strengths and weaknesses. That’s why diversity is good. you have more tools in your toolkit. However the flip side of that, is that you have to know how to use those tools and know which tools the opponent has that will cripple your critical tool. Target priority and movement becomes a MUCH MUCH bigger deal when not playing a spam list.

My thoughts