Anime Expo Battle Report 1

My List for Anime Expo:



HQ 103

Autarch w/ Warp jump generator, banshee mask, scorp chainsword, Fusion Gun  140



Troops 632


10 Guardians 95

w/ wave serpent w/ holofield and tl scatter 135



10 Guardians 95

w/ wave serpent w/ holofield and tl scatter 135



3 GJB w/ shur cannon 61



3 GJB w/ shur cannon 61



5 Rangers 60




Elites 215

10 Scorps w/ Exarch w/ claw, Monster Hunter 215




FA 380

10 Warp spiders 190

10 Warp spiders 190


Heavy 420

2 WW w/ 2 BL 140

2 WW w/ 2 BL 140

2 WW w/ 2 BL 140


Total 1750


My first game was against some Space Marines.  Not too worried even before looking at list, because Eldar tend to wreck meq.

His List was something like

cheap HQ with the gun that gets more powerful the further you are away

venerable (?) Dreadnaught with 2 flamers and CC weapons in a FW assault drop pod

10 of the guys with special shooting who can all take combi meltas in a drop pod. (i’m bad with names sorry guys)

10 marines with some random heavy/special weapons that were of no consequence

10 marines in Rhino (with 2 sets of  heavy/special that did nothing also)

5 marines

2 FW Contemptor Dreadnaughts with lots of dakka and searchlights.  Like 12 TL str 6/7 shots and cyclone missles on one…other one i forget…anyway bad news bears.

and then a Bastion with a quadgun.


Mission was primary Emporers will, secondary was crusade with 3 objectives in no mans land.


I won roll for who goes first and let him go first.

objectives for emporers will placed first in his back right corner and so i placed mine in front left.  Crusade had three objectives pretty much at midfield one left one mid one right so pretty even spacing.


He deploys bastion next to his objective.  combat squads everything.  3 drop pods.  one empty two FW dakka dreads right on hill in front of bastion.  one combat squad on ground, one up on top of bastion with the cheap hq with long range gun.  one combat squad in bottom of bastion.  This left the assault dreadnaught (who can assault out of drop pod on turn 1) and melta guys drop podding essentially on me turn 1 for alpha strike.  he has the one remaining squad of marines walking on and the one in the rhino driving on


I deployed poorly.  for a few reasons.  firstly did not realize i had to attack walker’s front armor in melee only.  Thought it was like every other vehicle so wasn’t too worried about losing walkers.  apparently my walkers were only thing that could reliably take out the av 13 dreadnaughts.

Also nightfighting active.

So i deploy my Spiders in a giant footprint in my right hand corner opposite him.  I surround with 2 wave serpents on the left of them and walkers lining the front.  essentially giving him no where to land and hurt my spiders.  This was a mistake that cost me all my walkers.  should have had spiders in front and relied on their armor and the cover versus the melta shots. Infiltrated rangers into a nice little raised ruins/building (it was essentially a floor up ruins giving a 4+) next to middle objective.  infiltrated scorpions out of LOS 12″ away from the dreadnaughts (note here: Scorpion claw is str 6…versus av 13 can’t touch…thought I was going against av 11 for back armor)

First turn:

Dreadnaught and meltas come in perfectly no scatter.  The meltas pretty much finish off my two right squads of walkers with minor help from the quad gun or something i forget what.  point is those died. taking like 1 spider from a squad or maybe it was 1 each idk not enough to matter.

melee dreadnaught tries to set waveserpents as primary targets for flamers…no dice so goes for 4 hits on last 2 walkers from each flamethrower.  then the ranged dreadnaught misses his searchlight and blasts ineffectually.  however second ranged dreadnaught lights them up with his searchlight first then with guns…they die in fiery death killing i think 1 more spider…they don’t need a check on the autarch squad yet though.  that was his first turn.


My turn.  I don’t want to fight all the stuff at once especially with no walkers.  I try to warp jump with my autarch squad…go like 8-9 inches and cry…the other ones go 17 and are gone upfield in a blink.  Scorpions move in to assault the 12 shot TL bs 5 FW dreadnaught (we did not realize this was illegal since I can’t actually harm it till after the game was over).  I turbo boost my two wave serpents across the board and face the bastion and essentially coral him in his little corner of the table.  my derpy spiders with autarch try to run.  Try being the operative word there.  They litterally get a 2 then a 1.  Only like 2 get shots at back armor of dreadnaught and the autarch misses his melta…bad day.  Luckily other spiders run like 6 or something ridiculous and then kill the combat squad on the hill. Snipers derp as per usual but hold strong on the objective.  Scorpions charge dreadnaught i think losing one in the process, but don’t quote me on that…like 10inch charge on first roll…so that happened.  that dreadnaught tried to kill scorpions all game, but didn’t kill one i don’t believe…point is those guys stayed locked in combat all game.  Autarch spiders derp on jetpack move and wind up like 6″ from dread naught…gg for them.  Other spiders jump like 11 inches behind the hill in front of bastion for a 4+ cover…good enough.

Turn 2 –

Dreadnaught walks up and burninates the country side…on my warp spiders and autarch…also apparently the guys who deep striked in with the combi meltas have special ap 3 rounds…not a good day for that squad…so he now has warlord in addition to first blood.  Rhino and 2nd marine squad comes on…empty drop pod comes on and scatters off the table (i don’t think thats how it works looking at rules now, and upon reflection, but at the time thats what he said happened and I was like “sweet!”)  2nd marine squad comes in behind serpents and attempt to dakka along with the remaining shooty dread.  doing like maybe 1 glance to a waveserpent…3+ cover ftw.  Rhino comes on on far left trying to drive up and claim objectives. flat outs.  Bastion bottom floor comes out…all those marines shoot at remaining warp spiders…maybe kill like 2-3…pass the leadership check easy peasy.  Nothing with spiders and dreadnaught…litterally nothing happened all game with them…just going to ignore them for rest of the report.

my turn 2 –

Wave serpent moves 6 sideways and drops Guardians into cover as much as possible.  Warp spiders move towards the combat squad now out of the bottom of bastion.  I think a GJB squad comes on but who cares really…going to take objectives and win by game end so *shrug*.  Warp spiders delete the combat squad then run to the base of bastion…a plan is in motion.  unloaded guardians melt like 4 marines who manage to make their leadership check with 1 dudeman left. Rhino goes immobilized from side/back armor with TL scatter and serpent shield…yeah so that happened.  2nd serpent ( the empty one i believe) shoots at the squad on the bastion after some thought and deliberation.  clearing the whole squad except the commander.  Rangers derp again.  They literally did nothing all tourney but soak shots and hold objectives.  Now the brilliant plan.  Warp spiders assault move 6…just enough to get on top of bastion…which they couldn’t move onto before because of the squad on top.  Thank god for not caring about passing through the inside b/c of jet packs (they had to only go straight up which was 6 inches…lucky roll).

turn 3 –

marine dude and shooty dread naught try to kill enough guardians to force a check and i believe they failed it.  The drop pod melta dudes …oh yeah one of the squads got pinned by rangers…so i guess they did 1 thing all tourney…other squad moves up to shoot at rangers as dreadnaught tries to burninate them.  fails a bunch of wounds.  rangers are alive and kicking.  enemy HQ does nothing worthwhile.  CC Dreadnaught fails a 6 inch charge through cover… on rangers… woot! Thats his turn

my turn 3 –

second guardian jetbike squad comes in so i end up turbo boosting in a circle on my home objective for 4+ cover.  Wave serpent thats empty then pops rhino.  I get warlord with spiders (thought about using his own quadgun but the Spider “rending” shots were better versus him (I think he was in termi armor or something).  my Running guardians regrouped and ran a little bit towards left objective trying to GTFO…they were only like 4 strong by that point.  We were pretty much done by this time and were running out of time so made next turn our last one.

Turn 4 –

Marines do something useless on the left.  One in middle runs for objective in middle to grab it.  the other dudesmans with the meltas run to try to get linebreaker.  CC dreadnaught can’t reach anything…other shootynaught does something that does not effect outcome.


my turn.  I turbo boost bikes and run guardians to contest his mid objective and take both primary and secondary, and then warlord and linebreaker. so 9 points to his 2.  I could have probably destroyed all his troops that turn with shooting along with the infantry.  leaving only dread naughts on the table but didn’t want to add insult to injury especially with the time limit.


More to follow


One thought on “Anime Expo Battle Report 1

  1. oddworx says:

    I played the same army. those Dreads were insane with the Dakka. And those Melta SOB”s were popping vehicles. I did squeeze out a win as well. Looking forward to your round 2 report.

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